My mission is to help Chinese Primary and Secondary students and their families to experience life in an Australian school. Every child can create their own success story here in Australia. It's an education for Life.

About meLuisa Baird Chinese Connections

Hello, my name is Luisa Baird (Lui Yi). I was born in China, and was lucky enough that my parents were able to send me to Australia to complete my studies. I arrived in Australia in 1996, and now hold a degree in Law, an MBA, and a Graduate Diploma in Education. I have been teaching at schools in Queensland, Australia, for many years now, and am also a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor.

I work and live on the Sunshine Coast, just over an hour’s drive north of Brisbane. The Sunshine Coast is famous for family holidays; the weather is even warm in winter, with many domestic tourists coming up for their holidays. The Sunshine Coast has increased in population due to the many international immigrants from all over the world coming to live here. There is a small percentage of Asians, specifically Chinese migrants, living here now, which means it is a great environment to immerse yourself in our culture and learn English at the same time.


About CCET

At CCET, Chinese Connections Education Travel, our mission is to help primary and secondary students from China to Experience, Learn, Travel and Grow, just like I have, by experiencing the Australian life through attending Australian primary and secondary schools.

All “home-stay” families are thoroughly vetted by each school to ensure that your child is in a happy, caring and safe environment. Your child will be welcomed into the family as “one of its own”, and will really experience our Australian life style.

Please feel free to  contact us with your questions about any of the programs that we offer. We can organise enrolments for your child in both public and private schools, and English College; and accommodation and travel arrangements for you and your families.

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