Experience an Australian Primary School

Our Short-Term (4 -10 weeks) Primary Experiences Program is quite unique, and allows your child and you to experience what it will be like to live and study at school in Australia. For our short -term program, you do NOT need to apply for a Student Visa; you can just use a Tourist Visa if you and/or your child study in Australia for less than 3 months.

There are also options for parents to participate in an Adult English Program in a nearby English School.

Contact us for a free quote, including accommodation, school fees, application fees, return transportation from Brisbane Airport, orientation and initial induction and enrolment at school are all included.



Study in an Australian High School

In March 2014, Australia opened up our middle-school education programs to Chinese students, allowing them to study in an Australian school from the seventh grade upwards. So now, Chinese students as young as 12-13 years of age can study in an Australian Public or Private School. Firstly, all Chinese students need to complete the HSP, the High School Preparation Program. This is not just for High Schools students, but is for any student whose native language is not English. After completing the HSP, students can continue studying in their appropriate grades.

The High School Preparation Program is available at our selected Private schools and English Colleges in Queensland. The purpose of the program is to prepare your child for full acceptance into the participating schools academic curriculum and eventually in preparation for University entrance. The HSP may take 6 to 12 months; it depends on each student’s level of English comprehension.

High School Programs are available in both Private and Government schools at many locations in Queensland, from the Outback to the Ocean, and from a City to a Small Town.  Every school has its own strength, some offer the International Baccalaureate program; others offer excellent sports, music and creative programs. Talk to our experienced education consultant and determine what is best for your child. Studying is only one part of our Australian life, so come on over and enjoy living with a caring Aussie family, or in a wonderful boarding school.

Study Tours or Vacation Programs

Not sure if you want to become an international student in Australia just yet? Then come and try it out for yourself. Australia has many public and private schools and English colleges for short-term (4 - 10 week) Study Tours and Vacation Programs. You can come individually or  in a group of up to 10.  You can join one of several schools and colleges in any Australian school term to study English and participate in many fun school activities and excursions. But be quick, we can only take a few international students at one time.

For the 12 to 17 year olds, our 4 and 10 week Australian School Experiences Program provides intensive English coaching in small classes with lots of exciting after-class activities. This can be on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, or at several other locations around Brisbane, Queensland. Your child will be picked up from Brisbane Airport and will live with a safe and caring Aussie family. Not only will you learn English at school, but also you will be immersed into the Australian life-style after school. This is a home away from home.



Travel with your family

Apart from helping you to select suitable programs and/or schools for study, we also take care of all your other travel arrangements, including pick up and drop off from the airport, accommodation, school application and enrolment, and other day or weekend tours.

Contact us for a range of programs and services to suit your study and travel needs in Australia.